Sep. 21, 2018

The The Man From Hell Hindi Dubbed Free Download

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A cowboy recently released from prison is determined to go straight, but he winds up in a tough western town where he finds trouble everywhere.

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original title: The Man from Hell

genge: Action,Adventure,Romance,Western

duration: 1h

tags: Reb RUSSELL (former ALL-AMERICAN FOOTBALL STAR) (original poster)

keywords: bmovie, bwestern, povertyrowfilm, doublefeaturefilm, henchman, song, singer, singing, singinghenchman, westernband, westernmusic, prisonwarden, mineowner, remake, crookedmarshal, exconvict, revenge, v

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A cowboy recently released from prison is determined to go straight, but he winds up in a tough western town where he finds trouble everywhere. Clint Mason returns from prison after serving three years for a crime he didn't commit and finds his girl friend is about to marry Anse McCloud. He suspects McCloud is the wanted murderer that escaped from the same prison he was in. But McCloud has a large gang that includes the Marshal and Clint's life is quickly in danger. The first of football hero Reb Russell's nine westerns is also by far the best, thanks to a thrilling, full-of-action script by Melville Shyer, astute direction by Lewis D. Collins and a first-rate support cast led by top villain, Fred Kohler. Although producer Willis Kent was known for his skinflint budgets, he seems to have shot the bankroll on this one which was made on both arrestingly scenic locations as well as the studio and rosters such a sizable cast that people like Ben Corbett have no lines at all and are simply lost in the crowd. Even the heroine, Ann Darcy, has such a small role, it makes little impression as director Collins rushes us from one tense scene to the next. And I didn't recognize Gabby Hayes at all, even though he plays the heroine's dad. I spotted Yak Canutt though, both as "Yak" the henchman and the deviser of some or all of the movie's many thrilling stunts. True, footballer Russell is no actor, but he's certainly a game horseman and does some of his own stunts although a pro is certainly used in many of the shots in which our hero beats up the villain early in the movie. All in all, by Willis Kent's usual humble standards, this western is a must-see! Available on an excellent Grapevine DVD. Willis Kent, a producer of exploitation movies and B westerns, offers Reb Russell in his first starring role. Reb is a man who has spent four years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He is paroled to his home town, where he finds that his girl friend Ann Darcy, in her first and next-to-last substantial role, is engaged to perennial western heavy Fred Kohler Senior. Unfortunately, neither lead can manage a decent line reading.

This is a pity, because there were people involved in this production interested in doing a good job. Cameraman William Nobles produces some fine moving compositions and most of the actors know how to act. Mr. Russell, however, cannot speak without embarrassing himself. He looks fine and in silent days might have made a good silent cowboy star. He has a habit off jumping on his white horse, Rebel, in a manner that must have caused the animal some complaint, but Rebel takes it well enough and apparently offers Mr. Russell both his loyalty and some good advice. In return, he gets the last shot in the movie.

The poor acting of the leads and the bad prints available these days makes this a rather unhappy work. Even for those of us who enjoy B westerns, our time could be better spent than watching this one.


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